In Loving Memory of the Fabulous
Brian Michael Guthrie

On Earth from 10-9-76 to 2-22-03

Please read ..."Beyond A Mother's Nightmare To Radical Forgiveness," a work in progress.

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Brian Michael Guthrie passed over on February 22 as the result of an accident at work on February 19, 2003.

is LOVED by all who know him.  This website is a tribute and a CELEBRATION of Brian's life on Earth.  Please visit often.

Yep, that's me kissing my handsome son!  This is my favorite picture of Brian.  He was visiting us in Michigan.  Don't you just love that look on his face?

Brian asleep on the sofa with Lexie (short for Alexa, named by Brian).  Brian wanted me to buy him a Chihuahua puppy to keep him company‚Ķ. So I did!

I know now that God was leading Brian to encourage me to get that puppy because He knew Lexie would be a great source of comfort and companionship for me every day as I miss the physical presence of my wonderful son ~  and Lexie is a wonderful "Grandpuppy!"

God truly works in mysterious ways!


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